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ADHD Screening Appointment

ADHD Screening Appointment

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Screening appointments can be in person or online. Book HERE

Alternatively complete the screening document and we will contact you back.

Mental health screening assessments play a pivotal role in understanding and addressing individuals' mental well-being. These appointments are designed to provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive picture of a person's mental health, aiding in the identification of potential issues and the development of appropriate interventions.

The process typically begins with a preliminary discussion between the individual and a trained mental health professional to gain insight into the individual's concerns, symptoms, and personal history.

Following the initial discussion, standard questions may be asked to assess various aspects of mental health, including mood, anxiety, sleep patterns, and overall functioning. In addition, the mental health professional may conduct a clinical interview. This involves more in-depth questioning about the individual's thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and any relevant life events. The goal is to explore the context of the individual's experiences and gain a deeper understanding of their mental health challenges.

Cognitive assessments may also be part of the screening process, especially if concerns about memory, attention, or cognitive functioning are present. These assessments help identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, aiding in a more comprehensive understanding of the individual's mental health status.

Furthermore, the mental health screening assessment considers the individual's medical history and any potential contributing factors. Physical health, medication usage, and lifestyle factors are all taken into account, as they can significantly impact mental well-being.

Mental health screening assessments are not diagnostic tools in themselves but rather valuable components of a broader evaluation process. The information gathered helps healthcare professionals determine whether a more detailed diagnostic assessment is necessary.

At the end of the appointment, you will be advised whether its is recommended to proceed onto an ADHD assessment (in person).

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