What's behind the Name

Have you come across the Aesop Fable featuring Juno, Jupiter's wife, and the Peacock? It beautifully illustrates how we often overlook our unique qualities and yearn for what others possess, forgetting to appreciate our own strengths. The Peacock felt discontented, wishing for the Nightingale's enchanting voice instead of its own. Juno tried to console him, highlighting his beauty and unique attributes. However, the Peacock remained unsatisfied, questioning the value of his beauty without a melodic voice. Juno sternly reminded him that everyone is endowed with their unique gifts, and dissatisfaction with one's own gifts is futile. Instead of wishing to be someone else, embrace who you are.

Here at Juno Clinic we want you to understand yourself better via diagnosis and thereafter receive the information, support and treatment you need to strive for an empowered future.