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Why are your assessments so expensive?

Juno Clinic are experienced diagnosticians who will assess face to face you according to the NHS framework resulting in a comprehensive report that you can put forward to NHS services for your diagnosis to be validated. We do not use questionnaires to diagnose you and so each new assessment can be 6-8 hours of work for our clinicians.

Why do you insist on a screening appointment?

We appreciate that you will be paying a lot of money for an assessment process. It is not uncommon for ADHD to have overlap with other mental health conditions. When this occurs, we want to have a full and frank discussion with you that there is the possibility that you will not be diagnosed with ADHD if you proceed with the assessment.

I have been diagnosed elsewhere but I want to come to you for medication?

We would need a comprehensive report who is an experienced diagnostician and has followed the same assessment process face to face as in NHS service. I am afraid we do not accept online assessments from non-prescribing health professionals.

Why do you not do assessments by zoom or over the phone?

We practice according to the gold standard which is seeing you in person for at least 1.5 hours. We believe the process of diagnosis is important and it is worth doing it in the right way.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

We do not currently do not work directly with any private health insurance companies. ADHD is not normally covered by private health insurance companies because it is by definition a pre-existing condition. If your insurance provider
is able to cover the cost of any of your appointments or treatment, you will need to pay us directly and then claim back directly from your insurer.

How can I get medication once I have been diagnosed?

If you choose to go on medication, once you are on a stable regime (this may take 6-12 months), then if you wish, we can set up a Shared Care Agreement with your GP so that they can take over the prescribing of any medication that may be indicated in your treatment plan. We have standard protocol documents for this procedure. This would mean that your prescription would then become an NHS prescription and therefore charged at their standard rate. Please note we cannot guarantee a Shared Care arrangement with your GP. We would encourage you to discuss your plans for a Shared Care Agreement with your GP before you commence on treatment with the Juno Clinic, so that they are informed and involved early on.