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Why are ADHD assessments so expensive?

We assess according to NICE guidelines (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and this is a 8-10 process for our clinicians. Juno Clinic are experienced diagnosticians who will assess in person resulting in a comprehensive report that you can put forward to NHS services for your diagnosis to be validated. We do not use questionnaires to diagnose you.

Does ADHD medication have side effects

Similar to any medication, ADHD medications can produce side effects. However, not everyone experiences these side effects. The most frequently reported side effects include decreased appetite and sleep disturbances. Additional side effects associated with ADHD medications may include restlessness, irritability, mood swings, headaches, stomach discomfort, increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure.

What's the purpose of the screening appointment?

ADHD symptoms can overlap with other conditions. We are experienced mental health diagnosticians and believe this is an incredibly important appointment. Many people who have been through it, say how helpful it was to help them focus on understanding what is their most crucial symptoms. We also appreciate that you will be paying a lot of money for an ADHD assessment and do not want to go through that process if you won't benefit from the assessment.

How do I get my GP to refer me for an ADHD assessment

Talk about the concerns you have and the way your life is being impacted. Your GP might be pleased to hear at Juno Clinic you will have a screening appointment that will look at other mental health symptoms. Contact us if you'd like our GP referral form.

I have been diagnosed elsewhere but I want to come to you for medication?

We would need a comprehensive report who is an experienced diagnostician and has followed the same assessment process face to face as in NHS service. I am afraid we do not accept online assessments from non-prescribing health professionals.

Why does ADHD medication need monitoring

It is a specialist medication and so its essential to ensure its effectiveness in managing symptoms, detect and manage potential side effects, adjust the dosage for optimal benefit, assess long-term safety concerns such as cardiovascular risks, and ensure compliance with the prescribed treatment plan. Regular oversight by a healthcare provider is crucial for optimising the treatment plan and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of ADHD medication.

Why do you not do assessments by zoom or over the phone?

We practice according to the NICE guidelines (the gold standard) which is seeing you in person. We believe the process of diagnosis is important and it is worth doing it in the right way.

How can I get ADHD medication once I have been diagnosed?

If you choose to go on medication, once you are on a stable regime (this may take 6-12 months), then if you wish, we can set up a Shared Care Agreement with your GP so that they can take over the prescribing of any medication that may be indicated in your treatment plan. We have standard protocol documents for this procedure. This would mean that your prescription would then become an NHS prescription and therefore charged at their standard rate. Please note we cannot guarantee a Shared Care arrangement with your GP. We would encourage you to discuss your plans for a Shared Care Agreement with your GP before you commence on treatment with the Juno Clinic, so that they are informed and involved early on.

I'm worried about the costs of self-funding for ADHD treatment

We completely get it and at Juno Clinic we want to deliver a value for money service to keep your symptoms stable and optimised. Most shared care agreements for medication require specialist appointments every 6 months so that is 2 outpatients a year which is £300 (£25 a month).

I've been diagnosed wit ADHD and I feel cast adrift

We hear this a lot and this is why we have our post diagnosis support programme here at Juno Clinic that helps you work through understanding your diagnosis better, some challenging emotions and what comes next now you have this better understanding of yourself. Contact us to find out more, it is free of charge to our patients.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

Yes we are registered with certain insurers and happy to help you access an assessment and ongoing treatment.

What is the professional background of the ADHD staff at Juno Clinic

We are a team of mental health nurses and doctors. We find that experienced nurse prescribers are well suited for assessment and treatment of ADHD and in order that all patients get a multi-disciplinary approach - their cases are discussed with and overseen by an ADHD consultant psychiatrist.