About Us


Juno clinic is a multi-disciplinary, multi-service private clinic with an office base near Manchester Airport and a clinic room in Wilmslow.


We provide medical services such as:

  • ADHD Assessment and ongoing treatment
  • Weight management
  • Treatment for excessive sweating
  • Treatment for migraine
  • Ear irrigation
  • Travel Vaccines


We receive many enquiries about our ADHD service:

Our assessments go beyond the surface, aiming for a profound understanding of individual experiences and challenges - they are not just about ticking boxes. We utilise a variety of evidence-based tools to provide a meticulous evaluation. From clinical interviews to behaviour observations and cognitive assessments, each element contributes to a detailed and accurate diagnosis.

We prioritise creating a safe and supportive space and the assessment process involves detailed conversations where we explore your unique journey with ADHD. Your experiences matter, and we want to understand them thoroughly.

We believe in equipping you with knowledge about ADHD and the available treatment options. Together, we'll navigate the path forward, fostering a collaborative relationship that puts your well-being first.

Living with ADHD comes with its unique challenges, but it's also an integral part of what makes you, you. Our goal is to help you embrace your strengths while addressing the aspects that may pose difficulties. You're not alone—we are here to support you.