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ADHD Consultation Video Call

ADHD Consultation Video Call

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Make a booking direct with us

If you are interested in an ADHD assessment, or looking for a clinic to provide treatment, we know it's hard to know where to start, and filling out forms can be a chore.

We want to help make this as simple and easy for you so if you think you'd be interested in an ADHD assessment:

  • You'd like to know if it's for you
  • You'd like to understand the process
  • You'd like to discuss costs
  • You'd like to meet a clinician in the team
  • It would be easier than completing this form


Make a booking direct with us.


How to Book:

The first available appointment will be shown. If it is not convenient, please browse by clicking "Find the next available appointment."


Fill in your information and you will be emailed information on when and how to join a video call with one of our knowledgeable and helpful clinicians.


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