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ADHD Outpatient Clinic Appointment

ADHD Outpatient Clinic Appointment

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ADHD outpatient clinic appointments are for patients who have been seen and assessed in person to have certain baseline observations taken so we can consider prescribing medication to help with some of the more challenging symptoms of ADHD.

  • If you are not taking medication for ADHD,  we will see you in person to take baseline tests and may need to review every 4-8 weeks until you are on a stable dose. During this short time, you will most likely need to pay for a private prescription. Your prescription can be collected in person or we can send to your allocated pharmacy. We do not send to home addresses. Once you are stabilised on medication, we will write to your GP and request a shared care arrangement that asks them to prescribe on the NHS as long as you attend your ADHD specialist every 6 months*.

  • If you are stable on medication, we recommend coming to clinic every 6 months for physical health care checks and to maintain a shared care agreement with your GP for them to continue prescribing.


*Please note that if your GP does not agree to a shared model of care with us, then you will be responsible for the costs of the prescriptions (e.g. may be £90+ per month). 

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