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ADHD (part 2) Assessment

ADHD (part 2) Assessment

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After the screening appointment you will be given feedback whether proceeding to an assessment appointment will be a worthwhile process. We do not want you to spend money unnecessarily. 

The assessment process in indepth and can take 6-8 hours for a clinician when completed according to NICE guidelines (NHS standard. We need to see you in person for an assessment, collect information about you from your GP and other people involved in your life and then write a detailed report before inviting you back 2-3 weeks later to discuss the outcome of the assessment.

We assess according to NICE guidelines and will provide a sufficiently detailed report that you can forward onto NHS services to validate. We do not diagnose according to rating scales and questionnaires – our assessment consists of a full clinical and psychosocial assessment:

  • A full medical and developmental history - This includes gathering information about prenatal and perinatal factors, developmental milestones, and any existing medical conditions or medications. Understanding the broader context allows clinicians to rule out alternative explanations for the observed symptoms.
  • A thorough clinical interview where you are encouraged to share their experiences, challenges, and concerns related to attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity to gather valuable information about the your symptoms and their impact on daily life.
  • A full psychiatric history and mental state examination.
  • Our observations and those of others to provide valuable insights into you behaviour and functioning. This offers a real-world perspective on how ADHD impacts daily life.

We do not discuss conclusions at this appointment and will make a further appointment in 2-3 weeks time to discuss the outcome of the assessment.

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