Ongoing ADHD Treatment

Post Diagnosis Support

Come to see us on the 1st Wednesday of every month 6.30-8pm. A coaching approach is taken in a group setting to discuss challenges, effective strategies and review our goals. This is a calm, friendly and supportive environment for people who are recently diagnosed.



ADHD Medication 

Once you have been seen and assessed in person with certain baseline observations, we can consider prescribing medication to help with some of the more challenging symptoms of ADHD.

We will need to see you in person to take baseline tests and may need to review initially every 4-8 weeks. Once stabilised on medication this review may be every 6 months.

Please note that if your GP does not agree to a shared model of care with us, then you will be responsible for the costs of the prescriptions (e.g. may be £90+ per month) and we are not responsible for shortages of medication.

Your prescription can be collected in person or we can send to your allocated pharmacy. We do not send to home addresses.



Other Service Report Validation

I am afraid we cannot accept referrals for medication where you have been diagnosed by other providers who do not work with our specific model of diagnosis.

However, if you have been diagnosed by an experience diagnostician mental health professional (such as a psychiatrist/ psychiatric nurse) in person and can provide a comprehensive report akin to our own, we can validate that report. Please be aware that we may respectfully decline to accept you following this validation.