Working with General Practitioners

Working with General Practitioners

Thank you for your interest In Juno Clinic. 

We understand that there has been an unprecedented rise in requests for ADHD assessments and treatments which tertiary NHS services cannot meet. There has also been an increase in online private providers.

We would like to make you aware that the Juno Clinic care model has been designed to mirror NHS provision:


  • Assessment appointments are in person. Assessment is not a one-off appointment completed via check list. It is a lengthy process and if a patient cannot tolerate it over 1 appointment, it will be conducted over 2-3 appointments.


  • Juno Clinic is a MDT service that involves the expertise of nurses, consultant psychiatrists, pharmacists and psychological practitioners.


  • We will not request a shared care protocol until a patient is stabilised on medication and we will take responsibility for regular physical health care checks. If a patient does not attend, we will inform you and recommend that you cease prescribing.


  • We are available for you to contact us if you have any concern about the patient, their treatment or condition. Call us on 0161 518 0708 and we will respond to you on the day for urgent requests and 1-3 working days for routine requests. We can bring forward outpatient appointments, with the patient's consent.


  • We are here to make a difference to adults with ADHD that want to live their life to their potential and we recognise that post-diagnosis options are pivotal to a person better understanding their condition and how to optimise their functioning. We have tried to be as cost-effective as possible for the self-funding patient with 2 outpatient appointments costing £25 a month over a 12 month period. We hope you will be open to work with us to keep patients safe and also reduce the costs of this lifelong condition.
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